who am i?

January 11, 1976…

That was the day I was brought into this world. In the capital city of Seoul, South Korea.

My family moved to the United States only a short year later – mainly to broaden educational options for my brother and me.

Sonny Eom

That’s ME!

I was raised on rice, kimchi and every video game console imaginable (I’ll never forget the day my dad ‘finished’ Demon Attack on the Atari 2600 – I say finished because it literally was just done – no ending credits, no ‘you’re awesome’ final message…just a black screen- I freaked out at the magnitude of this accomplishment and to this day I can picture it vividly)

A steady dose of B-Rated horror films, comic books,  video games and rock music fueled my curiosities for the strange and not so ordinary and led me to explore many avenues of art.

After high school I stood at a crossroads in life. Do I follow the path that my parents paved for me? One that would probably set me up for life financially by going to the University of Virginia and becoming a Mathematician or Engineer of some sort? Or do I follow my passion, throw caution to the wind, attend The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and see what happens after receiving a lesser degree in a field that was fairly unknown to me at the time?

So, Pittsburgh was a nice city to live in. 😛

I look back and realize that I basically took time away from life for a couple years to just create art – honestly to just F-off and delay growing up and having adult responsibilities. I guess it was my time to ‘find myself’ as they say but what I really found out was that I didn’t care what I did in life after that, as long as it was art related.

Fast forward to the present – I have had countless jobs from print media to 3D animation and I’m now working in the field of website design, user experience, user interface, whatever trendy new term someone wants to label my job. Bottom line is I love what I do. I have blended a lot of traditional art with the digital tools of today and I am more satisfied than I have ever been – especially now that the career that I have built along the way has made my choice to pursue my passion a much more valid one.

Please visit my portfolio section to see some of my work and never hesitate to contact me if you need help with your next art-related project.


Other things to note:

  • I live in Virginia with my wife and 3 kids
  • We have a Boston Terrier named Zelda (told ya I love video games) and a Green-Cheeked Conure named Zeus (click on thumbnails below)
  • I am a die-hard, scream until my face turns BURGANDY (and most of the time I have to) Washington Redskins fan
  • I love to read
  • I used to sing in the heavy metal band Tapered Mind