Skyline High School and Warren County High School Logos

It has probably been about 6 years, give or take a few, since Warren County Public Schools contacted me to do a redesign of the logos for the Warren County High School and the, yet to be built (at the time), Skyline High School.

I really get excited about logo design and branding because most of these types of projects allow me to combine traditional art with digital.

Here are the final logos for the Warren County Wildcats and the Skyline High School Hawks.


Below are a few images of the Wildcat head version of the logo for Warren County High School as well as some of the sketches and steps to get to the final Skyline High School logo.

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2 Responses

  1. Paul Ranney says:

    I figured I should come to you since you designed the logos for Warren county high school. I’m looking to see if you could do a redesign using pretty much what you already have to be embroidered onto Flexfit caps. Height of logo is a restriction. Maybe just the head of the “Wildcat” and “WCHS” leaving room for name of whatever the sport. The embroidery would be in 3d. Of course all proceeds would benefit the sports programs. I am currently a coach for their Cross Country and Track programs. Thanks!

    • Sonny says:

      Hi Paul

      Sorry for the delayed response – my site gets so many spam comments that it’s difficult to sift through all the legitimate ones.

      Please email me at if you still need help with this.

      Thank you.

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