Quick Tip: Change Column Order for New Items Form in SharePoint List

When add a New (Item, Event, etc.) to a list you get a new item form to fill that has all the columns (fields) associated to the content types that are in that list.


If you want to change the order in which those display in the form you can do that in the LIST SETTINGS.

You can get to list settings by going to SITE CONTENTS


Then click the ellipsis menu for the list and click Settings.


Or if you’re already in the list you can get to the LIST SETTINGS from the ribbon.


You’ll have to make sure that Allow management of content types? is checked YES in Advanced settings. Once you ensure that, you will get a list of content types associated with this list.


Click the Content Type you want to change the column order for


and on the following page click the Column order link at the bottom


adjust the order of the columns in your form


Here’s the new item form now with the columns rearranged


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